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22 juli, 2023 in Ban, COVID-19 vaccine, J&J, Moderna, Pfizer, Side effects, USA

Resolution passed in Washington County, to stop and ban the toxic injections of COVID-19

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

15th June 2023: Sacha Latypova, who spoke at our conference in Stockholm and who has worked for many years with companies such as Pfizer and J&J on the manufacturing and safety of of new drugs, has very positive news:

“I am happy to report that the Washington County (Idaho) Republican Central Committee last night (June 13th) passed the resolution to stop and ban the toxic injections of COVID-19 and to send the resolution to the state Republican Party. They meet in January (not in time for school) but it is in time for the next legislative session.

This creates a huge awareness and discussion on the issue in the state of Idaho.

If the state Republican Party adopts the resolution, the party will lobby for this issue directly to legislators in the next legislative session.”

Latypova’s article also includes a short video of her testimony in Idaho on May 22nd, 2023 and a summary of the testimony:

“Testimony from the We the People 50 Recall the Shots initiative in Idaho, Washington County. Laura Demaray led the initiative, Doctors Lindsay, McCullough, Cole, Thorp, and I offered expert testimony on May 22, 2023.

After 2.5 years of working more than full time trying to stop the government’s atrocities, I came to the realization that this will not be prosecuted at the federal level. The criminals are not investigating or prosecuting themselves. There is a faint hope that at least some state-level prosecutors might step forward, but it’s pretty faint right now. I think we have to fight for every city and county. The good news is that it’s not hard to get a hearing at the county level. We have brought a team of experts to this meeting in a small county in Idaho. We plan to keep going to any commissioner meeting that lets us in, and there are many! Let us know if you can organize a hearing.

Draft County Resolution:

The resolution proposes that Idaho Counties stop and recall the genetic-biological “vaccine” platform technology to:

  • Idaho residents have been harmed by the genetic-biological “vaccine” platform technology, which is more harmful than any other vaccine mechanism in US history with 31 deaths, 94 permanent disabilities and 33 cases of myocarditis in the state of Idaho. The total number of deaths in the US, despite underreporting, is >35 000 deaths, 65 670 have been permanently disabled and 26 897 people have contracted myocarditis/pericarditis, according to the VAERS CDC database
  • the mRNA platform ‘COVID vaccine’ must be recalled and investigated due to the enormous number of adverse events, disabilities and deaths in adults and children. It negatively affects children in the womb, increases miscarriages and negatively affects women’s menstruation and fertility.
  • multiple laboratories show that both Pfizer and Moderna’s mislabeling and adulteration of consumer products, substandard products, and substandard and undersized clinical trials violate consumer product protection and informed consent laws, as well as several other laws regulating drug safety in the state of Idaho.
  • the mNRA technology “vaccine” has >1000 times the permitted level of DNA from the DNA plasmids used to make the syringes in E. Coli bacteria. They constitute up to 35% of the genetic material of the syringe.
  • some of these syringes have an undisclosed SV40 sequence that allows them to infect human cells and enter the cell nucleus. SV40 is known to create tumors and cause cancer.
  • due to counterfeiting, there is a risk of contamination with E. Coli bacterial proteins and “endotoxins” that can cause autoimmune reactions and sepsis in recipients. The material in the syringe is designed to infect E.Coli, which is present in the human gut. This can lead to the gut becoming a permanent spike protein factory through the E.Coli naturally present there.
  • mRNA in the vaccine is broken and degraded. Contamination and degradation of the genetic sequence of the mRNA can cause our innate DNA to change, it can turn off genes we need, such as those that fight cancer, and these genetic changes can be passed on to our children. The material in genetic injections can be excreted through body secretions and transmitted through fluids and contact, as well as through mother’s milk, including cow’s milk.
  • the mRNA technology could result in irreversible damage, disability and death to livestock and essential foodstuffs in the state of Idaho, and unacceptably reduce livestock numbers. The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) summary of the 2020-2021 Sequivity swine mRNA jabs vaccination emphasized that this technology created adverse effects on 29.8% of the herd and 11.5% herd loss due to death and wasting disease. This could have a negative impact on Idaho’s economy, food security and health.

Therefore, Idaho supports counties:

  • legislation that stops, recalls, investigates, or creates corporate liability for products that use mRNA, DNA, or other genetic technologies for pharmacological use or human consumption, use on livestock, or use on agricultural products that may adversely affect human or animal health or the food supply.
  • Idaho Bioweapons Law 18-3322 (State Statute 18-3323 Bioweapons Law) with particular emphasis on Section 18-3323 (4) (a,b,c,and d).
  • future legislation requiring informed consent and transparency for all proposed products, including imported foods or pharmacological products, that use mRNA or any genetic technology for pharmacological use or human consumption, or use with respect to livestock or agricultural products.
  • future legislation prohibiting all mandates, local, state, national or global, regarding forced medical procedures or vaccinations in all modalities.
  • an independent third-party forensic review of all future vaccine products, mRNA, DNA or genetic vaccine products and modalities.
  • life-affirming legislation, declaring that Idaho adults and children, including the unborn, have the right to normal cell growth.” ‘

Published on 15th of June 2023 via social media, as the new website was under construction.)

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