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22 juli, 2023 in COVID-19, Netherlands, PCR test, Treatment, Vitamins

Interview with Dutch scientist Dr Simon Goddek

Photo by Todd Rhines on Unsplash

15th June 2023: Watch this extremely interesting interview with Dutch scientist Dr Simon Goddek. Already in 2020, he pointed out that vitamin D could save many people with COVID-19. However, he was shunned by the authorities, media and academia. In January 2022, he questioned Professor Christian Drosten’s publication on the PCR test, which was approved for publication in one day, which is impossible; it normally takes at least three months.

Simon Goddek pointed out that everything in the Drosten study was wrong. For example, Drosten ran the PCR test for 45 cycles which means that probably 99% of the positives are probably false positives. He also claimed that the C19 infection was not seasonal, which goes against all basic knowledge of respiratory viruses and that also turned out to be completely wrong. Drosten predicted that millions would die in Africa, but their mortality rates have been very low, probably because individuals in Africa were not exposed to what Simon Goddek calls the “pandemic of scaremongering” because they did not follow the news to the same extent as the West.

Two months later, Dr Goddek was dismissed from his research position in the Netherlands, almost without explanation. He then took a position in Norway.

In December 2022, after Elon Musk reduced the censorship on Twitter, Dr Goddek had his Twitter account reinstated; in January 2023, he was dismissed from his position in Norway. Now living in Brazil, he relies on some financial support from the Brownstone Institute and an online shop selling vitamin D supplements – Sunfluencer.

Simon Goddek hopes that one day all those most responsible, including Professor Drosten, will be brought to justice.
(Published on 15th of June 2023 via social media, as the new website was under construction.)

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