The three doctors Sven Román, Nils Littorin and Sebastian Rushworth launch The Doctors’ Appeal/Läkaruppropet via the article “Stop the harmful corona restrictions” in the evening newspaper Expressen, which aims for three changes:

1) Increase the focused protection of risk groups
2) Reduce the restrictions
3) Oppose the introduction of vaccination passports

The petition has received 5,300 signatures.

The article “Lockdowns are world history’s biggest public health disaster” by two of the founders of the uprising, Sven Román and Nils Littorin, is published in Göteborgs-Posten. The authors write: “The government decided to send SEK 150 billion in contributions to the EU’s corona fund. A breathtaking sum for countries that, through lockdowns, deliberately destroy their economies. Now we never want to hear again that there is a lack of money for Swedish elderly care.”

The article “Vaccinate only risk groups – not young and healthy” by some twenty of the petition’s newly formed network of doctors and medical researchers is published in the evening newspaper Göteborgs-Posten. The authors of the article refer to basic knowledge of immunology and argue that natural immunity to C19 in the population will provide good protection and that the wisest thing is to vaccinate only risk groups, which also reduces the risk of mutations of the virus.

The article “Ivermectin could be the thing that ends the pandemic” by three members of the network – specialist doctors Magnus Burling, Hans Zingmark and Sture Blombergs – is published in Sweden’s largest medical journal, Dagens Medicin.

The article “Vaccine from 12 years – against science and proven experience” by 24 members of the network is published in Läkartidningen (Medical Journal), which reaches all Swedish doctors.

The referral response “Response to the Ministry of Social Affairs’ referral regarding “Vaccination certificate as an infection control measure” S2021/06359 (Svar på socialdepartementetets remiss avseende “Vaccinationsbevis som smittskyddsåtgärd S2021/06359”) signed by 40 of the members of the newly formed Bio-Medico Legal Network – a professional network of doctors, lawyers, medical researchers, other health care clinicians and academics – is sent to the Ministry of Social Affairs and advises against introducing vaccination certificates.

The Doctors’ Appeal publishes the first of three flyers, and signatures on the petition begin to increase sharply thereafter.

The investigative journalist Per Shapiro of Folkets radio (People’s radio), in collaboration with The Doctors’ Appeal/Läkaruppropet, asks his first questions at the weekly live press conferences organised by the Swedish Public Health Agency, the National Board of Health and Welfare and the Swedish Medical Products Agency. In total, Per Shapiro participates in the press conferences from 25 November to 16 February 2022 six times. He never gets any factual answers to his questions, the most common answer is: “The vaccine is safe and effective.”

The article “The vaccine passport brings us to the control society” by 18 members of the BMLN is published in Sweden’s largest newspaper Aftonbladet.

The number of signatures of the Läkaruppropet passes 20,000.

The Nordic Covid Declaration is launched by Norwegian ophthalmologist Torkel Snellingen and is a Nordic collaboration in which The Doctors’ Appeal has had and continues to have a central role.

One of the founders of the appeal, Nils Littorin, PhD and future specialist in adult psychiatry, is one of the speakers at Sergels Torg in connection with a demonstration against COVID pass. This completely peaceful and family-friendly demonstration is the largest demonstration in Sweden to date against the official COVID strategy, with an estimated 10,000-15,000 marching.

At the authorities’ press conference, Per Shapiro asks why they transfer a large proportion of deceased vaccinated people to the unvaccinated group, which means that mortality increases for the unvaccinated and decreases for the vaccinated. The film clip with Per Shapiro’s questions and the authority’s answers is the most viewed film on social media, with a total of around 250,000 views on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Two of the other films, with around 140,000 and 120,000 views, also have over 100,000 views.

The number of signatures on the petition passes 25,000.

Läkaruppropet becomes a non-profit association and one of the founders, child and adolescent psychiatrist Sven Román, is elected chairman. Purpose of the organisation: The purpose of the organisation is to promote the development of health care towards more preventive health care that pharmaceutical and other treatments are based on impartial scientific studies that healthcare, in the case of infectious diseases, provides targeted and increased protection for risk groups and to discourage restrictions that are harmful to the individual and society.

A rapid response to the Lancet article “Covid-19: Global death toll may be three times higher than official records, study suggests” by Professor Ragnar Hultborn and Associate Professor Lilian Weiss, both members of BLMN, is published in the same journal. The article to which the two doctors object claims that around 18,100 people have died from COVID-19 in Sweden, but Hultborn and Weiss argue that based on regression analysis of mortality 2004-2021, excess mortality in 2020 was only 5,916 people. The article is published on the appeal’s website in Swedish, but also, unlike the Lancet article, with graphs.

One of the founders of the appeal, doctor Nils Littorin, speaks in Malmö and demands that the Constitution not be changed.

The article “Lockdowns can become commonplace even in Sweden” by Councilor Karin Johansson and 14 other lawyers in BMLN is published in Expressen. An investigation requested by the government will present proposals for extraordinary infection control measures no later than 15 May 2022, and the authors write: “It is clear that these may entail significant restrictions on our fundamental rights and freedoms. The pandemic has placed us on a slippery slope where concepts such as proportionality and reasonableness have been undermined.”

After Läkartidningen, Dagens Medicin and Svenska Dagbladet declined, we publish on our website the article “The Swedish Public Health Agency’s reporting has distorted the mortality rate for unvaccinated and vaccinated”. The article is signed by 28 people from BMLN. The article states that there were a total of 919 deceased people misregistered in 2022, they should all be included in the vaccination group and then the number of deceased vaccinated increases by 135 per cent.

We publish an English version of the article from 15 May, and have an international impact, attracting the attention of, among others, immunologist Jessica Rose and statistician Norman Fenton. A German blogger translates the article into German and the UK’s HART, Health Advisory & Recovery Team, recognises the article.

Sven Román is one of the speakers at a conference in Oslo on a different approach to C19 management than the official one. A few weeks later, the conference publishes a lecture by pathologist Ute Krüger, a member of the BMLN. She talks about an increase in aggressive breast cancer in young women since they started being vaccinated, which she calls ‘turbo cancer’. Her talk has been viewed 800,000 times to date on the “Doctors for Covid Ethics” Rumble account.

On Midsummer’s Eve 2022, the first censorship of the Doctors’ Call account on Facebook takes place. This means that we also open an account on Twitter.

The article “Serious Side Effects Exceed the Risk of Hospitalization with COVID-19 in the Swedish Population” signed by five members of the BMLN is published at the Brownstone Institute. The text attracts international attention, including from a group corresponding to the BMLN in Australia, which has repeatedly demanded answers from the authorities and called for an end to vaccination. A few days later, it is published in a Swedish version on the petition’s website.

The petition has many followers on social media: on Facebook 25,600, on Instagram 12,000, on Telegram 2,050 and on Twitter 1,400.

It becomes possible to donate to the Läkaruppropet non-profit association.

The Doctors, Appeal decides to organise an international conference on a different approach to the COVID-19 strategy than the official narrative in January 2023 in Stockholm.

President of Läkaruppropet Sven Román gives a lecture at the conference “Oslo International Conference – In the Wake of the Covid-19 Crisis – Do No Harm – Bringing back sanctity and sanity to public health interventions, healthcare practice and health research.” on Swedish authorities’ misleading information on the C19 vaccine.

Läkaruppropet organises the international conference “Pandemic Strategies, Lessons and Consequences” at the Waterfront in Stockholm. The conference features 21 lectures by specialised physicians and researchers representing 10 nationalities, with 6 of the lecturers coming from the Bio-Medico Legal Network of the Call.

Facebook permanently suspends The Doctors’ Appeal’s account.

The first of OracleFilm’s recordings of the Stockholm conference are published on Rumble.

OracleFilm’s films from the conference have had over 1 million unique views on OracleFilm’s and The Doctors’ Appeal’s Rumble accounts, which according to the film producer is a record for a conference questioning the official C19 narrative.

The number of unique views for the films from the Waterfront conference on 21-22 January passes 2 million.

BMLN members Jonathan Gilthorpe and Jacob Nordangård moderate and speak at the international “Spotlight Conference” in Bergen.

BMLN’s Sven Román, Ann-Cathrin Engwall and Jonathan Gilthorpe speak at the international conference “The Health Crisis – Through the Lens of Scientists and Doctors” in Tallinn, Estonia.

The “Exit WHO” network – including The Doctors’ Appeal, The Nurses’ Appeal, the MoD party (Human rights and democracy, the Swedish word “mod” means courage, the party was formed in December 2021 as a reaction to the management of the pandemic, and the party description reads: “We engage people from right to left, from south to north united to stand up for human rights and democracy together. Values that were repressed during the pandemic. We stand for freedom of medical choice, freedom of alliance, freedom of expression and more local autonomy instead of global elite rule.”) – launches the appeal. The petition is against the WHO’s proposal to gain world domination over how future pandemics should be handled and if this is implemented, the initiators believe that Sweden should leave the WHO.

After one week, the “Exit WHO” petition has passed 5 000 signatures.