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2 oktober, 2023 in One World Order, World Health Organization

A new website with easy-to-read information on COVID-19 and the new world order

Internal medicine doctor Meryl Nass is one of the real heroes of the movement that is trying to show that the emperor is naked and that the powers that be are in the process of creating a new totalitarian world order where they will have control over all the inhabitants of the earth. Nass has created a fantastic website to inform everyone about what has happened and what is happening, a real source of knowledge.

There are 21 doctors, scientists, lawyers and other academics contributing texts to the website, including, in addition to Meryl Nass, James Roguski, who revealed the WHO’s plans; David Bell, a specialist in public health sciences, who worked for many years as a doctor and researcher in the WHO, senior scholar at the Brownstone Institute; Claire Craig, a pathologist from the UK specializing in cancer.

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