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22 juli, 2023 in COVID-19 vaccine, EMA, FDA, Pfizer, Side effects, Vaccine

Up to 19th August 2022, Pfizer had recorded 1.6 million adverse reactions to its COVID-19 vaccine

15th June 2023: A 393-page pharmacovigilance document from Pfizer, requested by the EMA, shows that up to 19th August 2022, the company had recorded 1.6 million adverse reactions to its COVID-19 vaccine.

From the document:

  • 508 351 individual case reports of adverse reactions containing 1 597 673 events;
  • 1/3 of adverse events were classified as serious, well above the standard for safety signals which is usually 15%;
  • Women reported three times as many side effects as men;
  • 60% of cases were reported with either “outcome unknown” or “not recovered”, so many of the injuries were not transient;
  • The largest number of cases occurred in the 31-50 age group and 92% had no comorbidities, making it very likely that it was the vaccine that caused such widespread, sudden damage.

The 1.6 million adverse events are also broken down by category and subcategory of disease and injury. Pfizer recorded over 10,000 diagnostic categories, many of which were very serious and very rare.
Some examples:

• >178,000 cases of reproductive or breast disorders, including disorders that one would not expect, such as 506 cases of erectile dysfunction in men;
• ~127,000 cases of heart disease, covering about 270 categories of heart damage, including many rare diseases, in addition to myocarditis;
• >100,000 blood and lymphatic diseases, for both of which there is a wealth of literature linking them to the spike protein;
• >77,000 psychiatric disorders, giving credence to Dr Peter McCullough's research observing case studies showing that psychosis correlates with vaccination;
• ~73,500 cases of 264 categories of vascular disease, many of the conditions rare;
• ~61,500 adverse events in eye diseases from well over 100 categories, which is unusual for a vaccine injury;
• 47,000 ear disorders, including nearly 16,000 cases of tinnitus;
• 3,711 cases of tumours, benign and malignant;
• Almost 700,000 cases of disorders of the nervous system, hundreds of categories;
• 225,000 cases of skin and tissue diseases;
• 190,000 cases of respiratory disorders.

The article we have link to describes that Peter Doshi, Editor of the BMJ, recently wrote a letter to the FDA requesting that the agency update its product information to reflect what we have learnt about the vaccine. In particular, he asked that they include the following side effects on the label: multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, pulmonary embolism, sudden cardiac death, neuropathic and autonomic disorders, decreased sperm concentration, heavy menstrual bleeding and detection of vaccine mRNA in breast milk. The causal link between all these adverse events and the vaccine is supported by extensive research, studies and adverse event reporting systems.

Unfortunately, the FDA denied that a causal link exists between any of these adverse events and the COVID shots.
(Published on 12th of June 2023 via social media, as the new website was under construction.)

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