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9 juni, 2023 in Conferense, Deceased, European Parliament, Lectures, Vaccine

Arne Burkhardt is dead

One of the greatest heroes of the discovery of the deadly COVID-19 vaccine, German pathology professor Arne Burkhardt, has died on 30 may 2023. We had the great privilege of hearing this humble man lecture at our conference in January. He is greatly missed. Arne Burkhardt was 79 years old.

Watch the last and perhaps most important lecture of the late pathology professor Arne Burkhardt. These 14 minutes in the European Parliament can be seen as his testament to humanity!

According to the presentation, Arne Burkhardt received the first case of a person dying from the COVID-19 vaccine after only 3 months. He initially worked alone on the autopsies, but soon there were so many cases that a research project needed to be set up. Today, a total of ten researchers from different medical fields help with these second opinion assessments.

In total, they have so far made 75 new assessments of deceased people. In 10% of the cases, the first pathologist had listed the vaccine as a possible cause of death. Using their refined methods and accuracy, Burkhardt’s team has found that in 77% of cases, the COVID-19 vaccine is the likely primary cause of death.

Mr Burkhardt also warns that the COVID-19 vaccine will accelerate ageing and reduce life expectancy. The autopsies have shown that an elastic membrane in the aorta is destroyed, and this membrane cannot be replaced. This tissue is essential for dynamic blood circulation, which is particularly important for pumping blood out sufficiently efficiently to all body cells during physical exertion. When this membrane is destroyed, it leads to high blood pressure, faster ageing and shorter life expectancy.

Arne Burkhardt died tragically while trying to save his severely disabled son from drowning in a lake. The son survived. Arne Burkhardt died as he lived, like a true hero.

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