Philipp KRUSE, LL.M, Switzerland

Philipp Kruse

Philipp KRUSE, LL.M, Switzerland

Philipp Kruse is an Attorney at law with his own law firm in Zurich Switzerland. He has over 25 years of legal practise in business and in tax law.

In the fall of 2020, Philipp decided to dedicate his professional experience to reestablishing an evidence- and constitution- based approach to resolve the COVID-19-Crisis.
He led over 30 ordinary court proceedings to help parents, children, students and business owners in Switzerland to end unconstitutional corona-mandates.
In November 2022 he published with his team a substantial criminal complaint against Swissmedic (the highest Swiss medical safety agency) for illegal authorisation of harmful mRNA-based experimental products.

Philipp is co-president of the Swiss Lawyers Commitee and founding member of the International Alliance of Lawyers for Human Rights.
He has given presentations in many different countries to warn people and lawmakers about the harmful implications from WHO’s undemocratic extension of powers over the sovereignty and democracy of the member states.

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