On Guard for the Liberty of Mankind


Do we recognise the plans that are currently underway to challenge

our health and to restrict our personal freedoms and assets?

Leaders and experts in business, health, media and governance come

together to share intelligence, identify solutions and a path forwards.

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2.5-day event Friday 29th September - Sunday 1st October

  • Championing the keys to democracy 
  • Preserving freedom of thought, speech, and deed
  • Escaping the digital dungeon of the globalist agenda
  • Repelling the latest siege of totalitarianism
  • Shielding the social, economic, and legal agreements of a democratic society
  • Safeguarding hard won freedoms for future generations

Participants: David Bell, MBBS, PhD | Carolyn A. BETTS Esq. | Andrew BRIDGEN, MP | Robyn COSFORD, Prof | Sonia ELIJAH | Catherine Austin FITTS | Jonathan GILTHORPE, PhD | Orsolya GYÖRFFY |Mary HOLLAND | Renate HOLZEISEN, PhD | Taylor HUDAK | Pierre KORY, MD | Philipp KRUSE, LL.M | Sasha LATYPOVA | Meryl NASS, MD | Jacob NORDANGÅRD, PhD | Ricardo OSKAM | Michael PALMER, MD | James PATRICK | Marco RICCA | Mike ROBINSON | Sven ROMÁN, MD | Richard WERNER, Prof. | Wolfgang WODARG, MD

Via Link: Martin ARMSTRONG | Aaron SIRI | John TITUS

1-day symposium Saturday 30th September

09.00-18.00 CET

Live streamed from Sweden by Oracle Films


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